Quilt Magic

Welcome to the world of "No Sew Quilting".

Quilt Magic is a unique NO SEW QUILTING system that you can complete in one evening, or a few evenings, depending on the size of the project.

The pattern is laser cut into a styrofoam board that has batting on the top of the board.  When you purchase your kit you will recieve paper patterns for all of the pieces needed.  You will cut your fabric out using the pattern pieces - and push the fabric into the coresponding slit cut by the laser.  I use a metal fingernail file - because the side edge is GREAT for long cuts, and the point is  WONDERFUL  to create good sharp points.

Pricing for the kits are as follows:

6" x 6"   $ 5.00     12" x 12"  $ 11.50      15.5" x 15.5"   $ 17.50      15.5" x 19   $ 17.50   


6" x 6"   fabric packs are $ 5.00